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Welcome to Globalmet

Globalmet strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced products

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Welcome to Globalmet Industries

Welcome to Globalmet Industries, one of the UK's most dynamic and market focused commodity suppliers. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products with the key goal being customer satisfaction.

We trust that our site will provide existing and potential customers with a detailed overview of who we are, what we can offer, and why they will benefit from choosing our products and services. We know you have a choice and our aim is to give you all the reasons to make that choice Globalmet Industries.

Commodity trading is our industry, knowing our industry is our future. Industrial base materials are globally sourced and as such can be influenced by world market movements and trends within many diverse industries. Commodities, regardless of their end use, play a key role in world economies and knowing the importance of this global influence is the basis of our business model and we pride ourselves in bringing these commodities with quality and competitiveness to all our customers.