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Welcome to Globalmet

No matter what your business or sector, Globalmet will meet your needs in steel

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Our Markets

Our network of offices and international sourcing means Globalmet Industries is in a position to offer our customers varied products from energy products such as oil and coal along with base steel materials such as scrap to finished products including slit coils and structural mesh, in addition to a wide range of other commodities including timber and bulk salt.

We are fully aware of the importance that the varying industrial sectors place on technical support, presentation, traceability, timely deliveries and after service and we pride ourselves in striving to be renowned with first class service and support for all our customers. Globalmet Industries will service a customer who deals in bulk purchasing or the client requiring a specialised product with equal dedication.

Commodity trading is now a truly global market and companies whose products are based on such materials cannot afford to be without international supply alternatives. Globalmet Industries’ strategy for the future is to be constantly in tune with the moving and developing market worldwide and to be in place to buy where the source is most competitive. We bring this knowledge to our customers and by enhancing their businesses our growth will be assured.

Outsourcing, Chain Supply, Just in Time (JIT) and Strategic Planning are all modern terminologies of progressive companies and Globalmet Industries is a partner who can bring the know-how to our customers to ensure these entities are achieved and optimized.